Industry Resources


Business of Beer
Creating great quality beer is a joy and a challenge. Running a business is a whole different area of expertise. This section provides information to help our members in the business of beer.
Production Management
This section will contain information and guides on managing the production cycle.
Guild Governance
The Guild is a member organisation – this section contains the important information on governing our organisation. Our Rules, Annual Reports, Financial Reports and Strategy documents.
It’s becoming more and more clear: good business is good for business. We aim to share information to help our members address challenges to become a more environmentally sustainable business.
Engaging with government is important – it is how we play a role in defining the rules of the market our members operate within. This section contains information on regulatory issues including information put out by government and Guild submissions we have made on your behalf.
The people in our industry is what make us great. Our goal is to ensure that we have the skilled people we need to help the industry to thrive. This section will include information that affect how we attract, retain and develop the people in our industry; career pathing; education; and address topics like wellbeing and diversity.
Industry Insights
This section includes data, reports and information that are prepared about the brewing industry.
Producing great quality beer is a constant process – and there is always room for improvement. We want the quality of our beer to be celebrated at home and abroad. This section will contain guidance information to help members continuously improve quality along the supply chain, from ingredient selection to production, and through to service.
Export is one of the ways that our members can grow their business. At an industry wide level it also helps make sure our beer is celebrated abroad. This area shares information and news about export.
Beer tourism is a growth area in New Zealand. This section will include information to help our members make the most of this opportunity.